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Ash and Tim's odds and ends his family owned And Operated Business Located In Campobello SC That Was
Started In 2016 By Owners Ashley And Tim Smith. We Offer Coolster Atv's, Dirt Bikes, Gator Mopeds.

Our Business Hours Are 12pm-6pm Tuesday-Friday, 12pm-5pm Saturday And closed on Sunday & Monday
(Hours Are Subject To Change)

All Of Our Products Come With A 30 day engine Part Warranty And Does Not Cover Labor.

If We Don't Have Something You Are Looking For In Stock We Can Order It

Thank You For Taking Time To Visit Our Site And May God Bless You

We now accept credit cards
however there is a 5% processing fee credit card must be in the purchasers name and must
have a valid picture ID
Ash and Tim's
Campobello, SC
We have noticed that there is people selling brand new Chinese four wheelers and advertising them
has coolsters even though they're not there's two ways to tell a true coolster ATV #1 it will have
coolster on the handlebars it will not have any other name but coolster #2 the VIN plate is always on
the back of the ATV it's never in front behind the front bumper and plus every coolster ATV we sell
comes with a certificate of origin just a little heads up so people don't get taken advantage of
because in our opinion coolster does have the best product in the Chinese ATVs
All units sold at wholesale pricing are sold prepaid there is a 4%
processing fee card must be in purchasers name (you have to
pay for the unit before we order it) and it is sold in the crate (you
have to put the handlebars front and rear rack battery Wheels
and on some units you have to mount the front and rear shocks
they are 90% complete in the crate) Assembly not available all
prices includes the sales tax we DO NOT ship or deliver Prepaid
items are not in stock allow up to 2 weeks for delivery you must
come to our place of business to pick up the unit in Campobello

Coolster is the best made ATV in its price class. We offer service and
parts on everything we sell, and we have extensive knowledge of our
products and how to repair them. We only sell atvs, dirt bikes and
mopeds we are not an A to X store and we will not say our products is
something it's not like associated with Honda. We only sell one product
and we do it well, we're not going to try to sell you something that is not
going to fit your needs even if it means losing a sale. Six months or a year
from now if you have a question we will be more than glad to answer it
and do our best to help you just like the day you bought it. No we do not
have an expensive storefront however that's the reason we can sell our
inventory so cheap but if you want to go somewhere else and pay more
that is on you, good luck and God bless

(864) 979-2080
sold out
The warehouse is completely sold out just
as soon as we can we will have more ATVs  
thank you and God bless
Mask must be worn the whole time you're on our property our
health is more important sorry no exceptions
you must load ATV yourself due to social distancing

We are hoping to have some kind of ATVs
coming in
We have 4 coolster 110cc kids ATVs coming in the first of the
week these have the governor screw to limit the amount of
throttle and remote engine shut off these are the next size up
from the Power Wheels they are 110cc gas engine top speed of
approximately 30 mile an hour unfortunately there has been a
price increase and these will be $775 each in the crate
unassembled meaning you have to put the front rack the rear
rack Wheels handlebars and Battery on it we do require you wear
a mask and and you must load you due to social distancing we
only have 4 and we do not know when we will have anymore the
cash price is $775 to prepay for one of these over the phone to
guarantee one of them is yours there's a 5% processing fee the
price is $813.75

black spider        pink camo            Green camo          solid red

If you're considering buying your kids an ATV for Christmas
Buy It Now because we probably will not have any come
Christmas I just got off the phone with a warehouse and we
will probably be able to get just a few more of the coolster
125cc Before Christmas it will probably be another month
before we have a few more of these come in we will not
have enough to keep up with the demand for the coolster
ATVs because they are the best Chinese made ATV and and
have a good reputation