We do not keep these in stock
The coolster 150cc four wheeler is the largest ATV we have for sale the 170cc is rear wheel drive
and features an automatic CVT transmission with reverse forced air cooled engine electric inch
tires on the rear front and rear racks dual high and low beam LED headlights tail lights with brake
light Governor to limit the amount of throttle rear disc brakes with front breaks and park brake this
is a nice size four wheeler and with the 150cc four stroke engine it has plenty of power and will Top
out at approximately 45 mph
price includes sales tax
Prepaid only 0 in stock Assembly not available
Coolster 150cc adult size Sports style four-wheeler automatic with reverse CVT
transmission has aluminum wheels 23 inch tires on the front 22 inch on the rear
All units sold at wholesale pricing are sold prepaid there is a 5%
processing fee card must be in purchasers name (you have to
pay for the unit before we order it) and it is sold in the crate (you
have to put the handlebars front and rear rack battery Wheels
and on some units you have to mount the front and rear shocks
they are 90% complete in the crate) if you want it assembled
there is a $75 - $150 assembly fee depending on the unit all
prices includes the sales tax we DO NOT ship or deliver Prepaid
items are not in stock allow up to 2 weeks for delivery you must
Prepaid only 0 in stock Assembly not available
Coolster Mad Max 250cc water-cooled 4 Speed manual clutch
electric start performance muffler
23 inch tires on front 22 inch turn on rear
Aluminum Wheels top speed 55 mph