Layaway Contract

Ash And Tim’s Layaway Contract

7520 Highway 357 Campobello, SC 29322

Ph#: 864-979-2080 Website:

Business Hours: Tues-Fri 12pm-6pm Sat 12pm-5pm

Closed Sunday And Monday

We are closed
due to the Coronavirus

-You Are Not Doing A Layaway On A Certain Color But Model ( Color Of Unit Is Not Guaranteed)

-Weekly Or Bi-Weekly Payment Options Available

-There Is A $30 Processing Fee Per Unit For Each Layaway

-$100 Or 10% Whichever Is Greater ( Plus The $30 Layaway Processing Fee) Is Due At The Start Of

-Payments Must Be Made During Normal Business Hours And Must Be Made By 5pm On Saturday
Or It’s Considered Late And A Fee Of $10 Will Be Added To Payment.

-If Payment Becomes 2 Weeks Past Due Layaway Will Be Considered Forfeited And Layaway Will
Be Canceled ( NO REFUNDS Of Any Money Paid Will Be Issued NO EXCEPTIONS)

-Weekly Payment Amounts Will Be Based On Amount Of Unit/Units Being Put On Layaway. (
Minimum Payment Of $50 On Each Layaway)

-Each Unit Being Put On Layaway Must Be Processed On Individual Contracts.

-Must Be 18Yrs Of Age To Start A Layaway Contract

-Must Present A Valid Picture ID To Start Layaway (NO EXCEPTIONS)

-Length Of Layaway Can Be Up To But No Longer Than 12 Weeks (Unit/Units Must Be Paid Off In
The 12 Week Period NO EXCEPTIONS)

-Must State When Starting Layaway If You Will Require Unit/Units To Be Assembled Or If You Will Be
Taking Unit/Units In The Crate Not Assembled (Additional Fee For Assembly)

-If You Are Doing A Layaway On A Moped/Scooter There Will Be An Additional $10 Fee For
Processing Registration Paperwork

-This Is Not A Financing Plan But A Layaway Plan. Contract Must Be Paid In Full Before Unit Can Be
Removed From Property.

-Due To Distribution Cost Prices Are Subject To Change

-If Model Chosen Is Not Available At The Time Of Payoff, Unit Will Be Substituted For Another Model
Of Equal Value

-All Layaways Do Come With A 30 Parts Warranty ONLY (Does Not Include Labor) The Warranty
Does Not Cover Rider Damage/Neglect Or Normal Wear And Tear. Warranty Will Start When Unit Is
Picked Up

-When Making A Payment You Must Bring The Original Contract (Not A Copy) Or There Will Be An
Additional $10 Fee NO EXCEPTIONS

- Anyone Can Make A Payment On A Layaway As Long As They Have The Original Contract ( Not A

- If You Chose To Cancel Your Layaway No Refunds Will Be Given (NO EXCEPTIONS)

-Payments May Be Made By Phone With A Credit/Debit Card But There Will Be An Additional 5%
Card Processing Fee. You Also Must Provide Layaway Contract Number At The Time Of Payment

- Once The Layaway Is Fully Processed And Ordered No Changes Can Be Made , Must Take The
Unit Specified In Original Signed Contract ( NO REFUNDS, NO EXCEPTIONS)

- After You Have Payed Off The Layaway Completely Please Allow Up To Two Weeks For Arrival,
Once Notified Of Unit Arrival You Must Pick Up Within 5 Business Days After Notification Of Arrival.

-By Signing This Contract You Are Agreeing To All The Terms And Conditions In This Layaway
Contract. No Contract Modifications Allowed.